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Hillsboro Oregon Immigration Lawyer to assist with your immigration needs.

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Mario Musil
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Do you need an experienced Hillsboro Oregon Immigration Lawyer? Immigration Attorney Mario Musil can help answer all of your immigration questions and help formulate a strategy to address your particular immigration needs. Call us today at 503 210 9100 for your free consultation with a diligent Hillsboro Immigration Lawyer.

Attorney Mario Musil understands the importance of one’s immigration status and the heavy burden it places on a person’s life. That is why Mr. Musil takes each case with utmost importance and treats it as his own, ensuring that all the rules are properly followed in a timely manner to quickly achieve the desired result, whether that is a Marriage Green Card, Fiance Visa, US Citizenship or to avoid deportation.

The Musil Law Firm serves the Hillsboro community from its Downtown Portland Office.

A Hillsboro Immigration Lawyer to Answer YOUR Questions.

The process of immigration can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Where do you begin? What do you qualify for? What documents do you need? How much will it all cost? How much time will it take? Can my kids join me, how about my wife? May I petition for my parents? Can my fiance’s 19 year old daughter come along? These are just a sample of the many questions that Hillsboro Immigration Attorney Mario Musil can answer for you and your family. Attorney Musil has handled thousands of petitions since he began practicing in 2009 and has the knowledge and experience to assist you and your family in your immigration journey.

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Many Satisfied Immigrant Clients:

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  • Knowledgeable and Ethical We were looking for an immigration lawyer to help a friend of ours who could not afford to hire an... read more


    DUI/ battery charges The cases got solved a lot quicker than i had thought. I was informed about everything and the charges got... read more


    Job well done Mr. Musil was not only ethical and moral in all of his practices with us in both advice and council,... read more

  • Excellent lawyer ! We hired Mr. Musil over the phone and he exceeded our expectations!He was able to navigate an... read more

    Ron Crawford Avatar
    Ron Crawford

    Best lawyer I ever had... Tital says it all. I had very complicated case and he was there for me every step of the way.... read more


    Exceptional Attorney Service Consulted, then hired, worked with my family as well. For the situation, he got me a great outcome that was... read more

  • Efficient and professional service. Mario handled everything for our visa while we were away for a year in China. Quick... read more

    Richard Dennis Avatar
    Richard Dennis

    My experience with Mario Musil was great. He holds high levels of professionalism, is always there to answer any important... read more

    Madalyn Dambach Avatar
    Madalyn Dambach

    Mr. Musil is a very knowledgeable immigration attorney he handled my case with ease and in a promptly manner I... read more

    Roger Canto Avatar
    Roger Canto

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How to choose the Best Hillsboro Immigration Lawyer for you.

Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer for yourself or your family members can be one of the most difficult and most important parts of the immigration process. We recommend you start with looking through the attorney’s reviews on websites such as Avvo.com or Google.com .

Once you narrow it down, call the lawyer and speak with them. Have they handled a case like your in the past? What was their experience? How accessible is the lawyer? Are you speaking with the actual immigration lawyer or their secretary or paralegal? Will they answer the phone or e-mail when needed? Do they have a 1000 other pending cases? Does the lawyer do every other type of law besides immigration law?

These are all questions that you should ask when seeking the Best Hillsboro Immigration Lawyer for you. After that, you will certainly want to know how the attorney will bill you for his services. Does their office charge for every phone call, fax message or stamp? Will you get surprise bills? The Musil Law Firm prides itself in providing a transparent Immigration Attorney Fees list that is available on our website. We charge a flat fee for almost all cases that you would agree to at the beginning of the case. No surprises.

Hillsboro Oregon Legal Information:

In terms of population Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the state of Oregon. It is the main city in Washington County, Oregon. The city comprises of an area known as the Silicon Forest due to many high tech companies being based here or having a large presence. One of those companies is the Semiconductor behemoth Intel. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the State and home to many new immigrants.

Hillsboro has an excellent public transportation system that is part of the regional transit agency TriMet. The TriMet stops make it easy for Hillsboro residents to attend their immigration court hearings and USCIS appointments at their respective Portland, OR locations.

Hillsboro is also well known for its annual July Fourth Party and the Oregonal International Air Show. All in all, the city is a great suburban hub full of employment potential for many immigrant families.

Hillsboro Oregon City Council


150 E. Main Street
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123-4028

Phone No: 503-681-6100

Map of Hillsboro Oregon

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