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Do you need immigration assistance in the Happy Valley, Oregon area? The Musil Law Firm can assist you with all of your immigration needs. Whether you met the love of your life and need a Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa, or you are trying to bring your parents or children to the USA, our immigration lawyer can help. We also handle other areas of immigration law, including naturalization, business and employment visas, as well as removal defense.

An immigration lawyer serving Happy Valley clients can help avoid delays, mistakes and denials in your case. Having an experienced lawyer guide you through the immigration maze can often be a difference between a successful immigration petition and a heartache.

At The Musil Law Firm, we offer a free initial consultation with the immigration lawyer for clients residing in Happy Valley, Oregon. Give us a call today or contact us on this website.

An Experienced Happy Valley Immigration Lawyer

Happy Valley Immigration Lawyer Mario Musil has over 10 years of experience helping clients with their immigration goals, from family immigration, naturalizations, to business and employment based petitions.

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Happy Valley Citizenship Lawyer

Are you looking to become a US Citizen and do not know where to start? An immigration lawyer serving Happy Valley OR residents can help you get started. In some situations, clients may already be US Citizens through birth and not know about it, or they may know they are citizens but have no proof of it. In these types of situations, an immigration lawyer can assist you in obtaining proof of your citizenship. This can include filing for a certificate of citizenship, a report of birth abroad or even a US Passport.

If you were born abroad to U.S. citizen parents, you can apply for a U.S. passport in the same way as someone born in the United States. However, you will have the added requirement of establishing your citizenship claim. Passports are available from passport offices in the U.S. (run by the U.S. Department of State) and at U.S. consulates outside the U.S. Wherever you apply, you will be required to present proof of your parents’ U.S. citizenship and evidence that they, and you, complied with any applicable U.S. residency requirements.

Certificates of citizenship are issued only inside the U.S. by USCIS offices. Anyone with a claim to U.S. citizenship can apply for a certificate of citizenship. In most cases it is more difficult and takes much longer to get a certificate of citizenship than a U.S. passport. However, in situations where your U.S. citizenship was obtained automatically through the naturalization of a parent, certificate of citizenship applications are the best choice. In fact, at the time a parent is naturalized, the children can, upon the parent’s request, be issued certificates of citizenship simultaneously with their naturalization certificates.

For those clients that are not already US Citizens, they may become citizens through the process of Naturalization. A Happy Valley immigration lawyer will assist you in determining your eligibility to become a citizen and then help you put together an application.

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    Very helpful and professional! Highly recommend

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    Happy Valley Oregon Immigration Lawyer FAQs

    Do you offer FREE initial consults?

    Yes, our immigration lawyer offers free initial consultations to determine your particular situation, answer your questions and help devise a strategy to assist you with your immigration goals.

    How much are your Immigration Lawyer Fees?

    Our fees are set on a Flat Fee Basis for the vast majority of immigration cases. You can review our pricing on our transparent price list – Immigration Lawyer Fees.

    Who is the Best Immigration Lawyer in Oregon

    One of the common questions is, who is the best immigration lawyer or how do I find the best immigration lawyer near me. The simple answer is that it depends on the case and the client. An immigration lawyer should be competent and diligent, but should also be personable and be able to develop a good relationship with his clients. One way to determine this, is to look at the immigration attorney’s prior client reviews. You can view ours on many websites such as avvo.com or google.com.

    Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation

    One of the more common request we receive is to provide a free initial consultation. Our office believes in free consultations, because quite often we receive calls and inquiries from immigrant clients that either have very limited ways of fixing their situation or have no way of realistically addressing their issues. A quick consultation will give you an idea of what can be done in your situation. More complex cases may require research or a lengthier consultation beyond the initial free one.

    Happy Valley Immigration Lawyer Fees

    If you are looking to obtain a quote for your immigration needs in Portland Oregon, please check out our Price Chart here : Immigration Lawyer Fees.

    Happy Valley Oregon Legal Information:

    Happy Valley is a suburban city in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Happy Valley is near the northwest edge of Clackamas County, Oregon. It is home to an extinct volcano – Mount Scott as well as Scouter’s Mountain – a former boy scouts camp that serves as a natural area full of trails.

    Happy Valley Oregon Immigration USCIS Office:

    The Portland USCIS Office would be the closest immigration office serving Happy Valley Immigration Applicants.

    1455 NW Overton Street,
    Suite 1,
    Portland, OR 97209


    Portland Oregon USCIS Immigration Office

    Happy Valley Oregon Immigration Court House

    Portland Immigration Court
    Portland Immigration Court

    1220 SW 3rd Avenue,
    Suite 500
    Portland, OR 97204

    Immigration Judges:
    Joren Lyons
    Richard Zanfardino
    Mindy Hoeppner


    Happy Valley Oregon Area:

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