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The Musil Law Firm is proud to have worked with many families and businesses of Filipino descent. U.S. Immigration Lawyer Mario Musil has extensive experience dealing with issues particular specifically to clients from The Philippines. In addition to dealing with the complexities of the American Embassy in Manila, Filipino Clients must often fulfill other requirements before their country allows them to Depart for the United States. We hope that some of the following pointers will shed a little more light on the process of Immigrating to the United States from The Philippines. Should you have more questions about your specific case, feel free to Contact Immigration Lawyer Mario Musil.


Fiance and Marriage-Based Immigrant Cases:

iances and spouses of U.S. Citizens, as well as spouses of U.S. Permanent Residents immigrating to the United States from The Philippines are required to take an emigrant exit course in order to emigrate from their home country. A Fiance, or a Spouse coming to the United States may not be permitted to board their flight without having taken the appropriate course. All Fiances and Spouses of U.S. Citizens as well as spouses of Green Card Holders should contact the Commission on Filipinos Overseas to determine the appropriate Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar to be taken.

More details on the Commission and their courses can be found at:

Commission on Filipinos Overseas

If you have further questions about Fiance and Marriage Based Visas please visit:

U.S. Fiance Visa Attorney
Marriage Based Green Card Lawyer


Obtaining Identity Documents for Filipino Nationals:

reen card holders and Naturalized Citizens of Filipino descent wanting to bring over relatives are often required to produce their own Filipino Identity Documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorces, Death Certificates and the alike. If there is a problem obtaining these documents through relatives back home, a U.S. Resident can order the documents through the Philippine Statistics Authority online. Regular Delivery to the U.S. can take up to 6-8 weeks, but client’s may request expedited delivery by contacting the office directly at: ecensus2@census.gov.ph.

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